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DATA (Delaware Area Transit Agency) is the public transit system for Delaware County, Ohio. DATA's services are available to anyone wishing to use them. DATA is owned, operated, and governed by the citizens of Delaware County through the Delaware County Transit Board.

DATA's transportation services currently include Demand Response and Fixed Route with Paratransit service for those individuals that have been certified. Other Services, including services for individuals with special needs, are available.


Service Area:

DATA’s service area includes all of Delaware County. In addition to this, we also provide transportation service to medical facilities in Franklin and other adjacent counties at an additional charge. Trips outside of Delaware County are limited to 15 miles beyond the Delaware County border. One trip end must be in Delaware County and ˝ price fares do not apply.

Cost of Services (Fares):

Fares for services vary depending on the type of service used. Please see the "General Public Fares" section for more details.

Payment of fares is expected at the time of service. Drivers cannot accept advance payment of trips including payment for round trips or return trips. Passes are available and encouraged for advance payment of transportation.

Exact fare is required. Drivers cannot make change and do not carry or have access to cash.

Transfers - Going to Columbus?

DATA and COTA accept transfers between their fixed route systems. If you are heading to Columbus or coming back from Columbus you pay just one low fare. Be sure to ask the driver for a transfer. DATA and COTA meet throughout the day at the Crosswoods Park-N-Ride.

Other Policies and Procedures:

Utility Cart Policy

Passengers are permitted to bring personalutility carts on DATA vehicles as long as the carts meet the following criteria:

  1. Cart does not exceed 25 inches wide x 22 inches deep x 41 inches tall (not including any handles or wheels)
  2. Loads are contained and do not exceed the height and designated capacity of the device
  3. Cart does not  have items hanging which creates the device to exceed the maximum dimension listed above
  4. All utility carts or devices must be secured. If there is no location on these items which allows attachment to the frame of the device then the cart can not be transported. Vehicle operators will have the authority to determine if a utility cart or device may be transported.
  5. DATA is not responsible for any damage of passenger property caused by the securement and transportation of any utility cart or device.

Cancellations and No-Show/Dead Run policy

Passengers must cancel previously scheduled trips at least one hour prior to the scheduled pick-up time. Excessive cancellations (4 within a 28 day period) or excessive no-shows (2 within a 28 day period) will result in a 14 day suspension.

Bad Weather Procedures

During bad weather and poor driving conditions, DATA will continue to make every attempt to provide uninterrupted service. However, the safety of our passengers and our drivers is our first priority. Please be patient if we are not on time for your scheduled pick-up. During bad weather DATA will continue to provide service as long as it can be performed safely and as long as we are not asked by the sheriff’s department to discontinue service. Please feel free to call to check on the status of your ride.

Complaint Procedure

All vehicles have complaint forms available. Ask the driver if you do not see them. The complaint process is outlined in the complaint form. All complaints should be addressed to DATA Administration, 119 Henderson Court., Delaware, Ohio 43015. All written complaints will receive a written response.

                                    Delaware Area Transit Agency complies with Title VI and Civil Rights Laws and Regulations

                                                     Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, 42 U.S.C. § 2000d et seq.


Equal Opportunity: It is the policy of the Delaware Area Transit Agency to provide equal opportunity to all people who choose to ride any of the services DATA offers.

DATA does not exclude, deny services to, or otherwise discriminate against any person on the grounds of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, or on the basis of disability or age in admission to, participation in, or receipt of the services provided by DATA.

Animal / Pet Transportation

DATA will transport service animals, Other pets and non-service animals may be carried on DATA Bus, However they must be properly secured in a cage or other container.

Groceries / Bags / Items Limitations

Due to the nature of DATA’s service, passengers are limited to the quantity and/or size of items that can be transported. The limitation is based on the passenger’s ability to carry the item or items, unassisted, on and/or off the vehicle in one trip and without causing a disruption or inconvenience to other passengers or interfering with the safe operation of the vehicle. Limitations that may negatively affect other passengers or interfere with the safe operation of the vehicle are at the driver’s discretion.

Abusive / Disruptive Passengers

To ensure that DATA can provide a safe and comfortable transportation experience, the Delaware County Transit Board has established a policy for abusive and/or disruptive passengers that may lead to suspension and/or termination of riding privileges and/or legal action.

DATABus  •  119 Henderson Court, Delaware, OH 43015  •  Phone: 740.368.9033  •  Fax: 740.362.7603