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DATA (Delaware Area Transit Agency) is the public transit system for Delaware County, Ohio. DATA's services are available to anyone wishing to use them. DATA is owned, operated, and governed by the citizens of Delaware County through the Delaware County Transit Board.

DATA's transportation services currently include Demand Response and Fixed Route with Point Deviation. Other Services, including services for individuals with special needs, are available.


 Service Area:

DATA’s service area includes all of Delaware County. In addition to this, we also provide transportation service to medical facilities in Franklin and other adjacent counties at an additional charge. One trip end must be in Delaware County and ½ price fares do not apply.

DATA offers an on-demand service for residents of Delaware County.

Call 740-363-3355 or toll free at 1-877-363-DATA (3282) to schedule your trip at least by noon of the business day prior to the trip. We will pick you up at the origin you specify and take you to the destination you specify. DATA requires a "window" of 15 minutes prior to the scheduled pick-up time and 15 minutes after the scheduled pickup time. Demand response service is limited so schedule as early as possible

Cost of Services (Fares):

Fares for services vary depending on the type of service used. Please see the "General Public Fares" section for more details.

Payment of fares is expected at the time of service. Drivers cannot accept advance payment of trips including payment for round trips or return trips. Passes are available and encouraged for advance payment of transportation.

Exact fare is required. Drivers cannot make change and do not carry or have access to cash.

Transfers - Going to Columbus?

DATA and COTA accept transfers between transit systems.Fixed Route only. If you are heading to Columbus or coming back from Columbus you pay just one low fare. Be sure to ask the driver for a transfer. DATA and COTA meet throughout the day at the Crosswoods Park-N-Ride.

Other Policies and Procedures:

Cancellations and No-Show/Dead Run policy

Passengers must cancel previously scheduled trips at least one hour prior to the scheduled pick-up time. Excessive cancellations (4 within a 28 day period) or excessive no-shows (2 within a 28 day period) will result in a 14 day suspension.

Bad Weather Procedures

During bad weather and poor driving conditions, DATA will continue to make every attempt to provide uninterrupted service. However, the safety of our passengers and our drivers is our first priority. Please be patient if we are not on time for your scheduled pick-up. During bad weather DATA will continue to provide service as long as it can be performed safely and as long as we are not asked by the sheriff’s department to discontinue service. Please feel free to call to check on the status of your ride.

Complaint Procedure

All vehicles have complaint forms available. Ask the driver if you do not see them. The complaint process is outlined in the complaint form. All complaints should be addressed to DATA Administration, 119 Henderson Ct., Delaware, Ohio 43015. All written complaints will receive a written response.

Animal /Pet Transportation

With the exception of necessary service animals, All pets must be in a container or carrier.

Groceries / Bags / Items Limitations

Due to the nature of DATA’s service, passengers are limited to the quantity and/or size of items that can be transported. The limitation is based on the passenger’s ability to carry the item or items, unassisted, on and/or off the vehicle in one trip and without causing a disruption or inconvenience to other passengers or interfering with the safe operation of the vehicle. Limitations that may negatively affect other passengers or interfere with the safe operation of the vehicle are at the driver’s discretion.

Abusive / Disruptive Passengers

To ensure that DATA can provide a safe and comfortable transportation experience, the Delaware County Transit Board has established a policy for abusive and/or disruptive passengers that may lead to suspension and/or termination of riding privileges and/or legal action.



Demand Response:
Demand Response service is a type of transportation where we will pick you up at the origin you specify and take you to the destination you specify.  Call 740-363-3355 or toll free at 1-877-363-DATA (3282) to schedule your trip in advance at least by noon of the day prior.  DATA requires a "window" of 15 minutes prior to the scheduled pick-up time and 15 minutes after the scheduled pickup time. Demand response service is limited so schedule as early as possible but no more than a week in advance.
Fixed Route:
 Just get on board at any one of the stops identified on the route. No advance scheduling required. Current routes include the GREEN ROUTE - Delaware City to Crosswoods Park-N-Ride and Return, and four Delaware City Routes which circle Delaware City. Please to refer to the route schedule for stops and times. Please note that times are approximate as DATA cannot control traffic conditions. Drivers will not leave stops until the designated time.

Services for individuals with special needs:
All daily service vehicles are equipped with lifts or ramps.

DATA bus operators are required to deploy the lift at any stop to accompany those that need it. This includes persons in wheelchairs, scooters, walkers, rollator walkers, or any type of mobility device. This also includes all ambulatory riders. 
Passengers with mobility impairments who do not use a wheelchair may be assisted both on and off the vehicle by our drivers. However, drivers are not permitted to enter private residences.

DATA does not have a time restriction on how long it takes for a passenger to board or disembark a vehicle. However, DATA operators will ensure adequate time for individuals to board and disembark a vehicle
Passengers with hearing or sight impairments may also be provided with special assistance upon request.
Necessary Personal Assistants for passengers may ride at no charge.
Necessary Service Animals are welcome on all vehicles.

Wheelchairs and Mobility Devices

DATA will transport and accommodate wheelchairs that do not exceed the lift capacities. Currently the platform on the DATA vehicle measures 48” long and 34” wide. The device, when occupied by the user, should be no more than a maximum weight of 800 pounds or what the maximum weight capacity stated on the lift from the manufacture. 




Demand Response    Open   6:00 AM     Close   6:00 PM
Green Fixed Route    Open   5:30 AM     Close   7:00 PM
Scheduling                 Open   9:00 AM     Close   4:00 PM
Administration           Open   8:00 AM     Close   4:00 PM
City Fixed Routes      Open   7:30 AM     Close   5:20 PM

DATA does not operate on Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, or New Years Day. 



What is DATA?
 DATA is the Delaware Area Transit Agency. DATA is the public transit service provided by the Delaware County Transit Board.
What is the Delaware County Transit Board?
 The transit board is a seven member governing board established by the Delaware County Commissioners under section 306 of the Ohio Revised Code. The county commissioners are the appointing authority for the board members.
Who Owns DATA?
 The citizens of Delaware County own and operate the public transit system through the Delaware County Transit Board.
Who is allowed to use DATA?
 DATA is a public transit system. This means that anyone can use the service for any reason at anytime during DATA’s operating hours.
Why doesn’t DATA operate later in the day?
 DATA, like any other agency or business has a limited source of revenue. At the present time our funding and revenues only allow us to operate on the days and times established. As we continue to explore various funding options, we will increase service accordingly.
Can DATA transport people in wheelchairs?
 Yes, DATA has a fleet of vehicles with wheelchair lifts that are handicap accessible.
Is there an application that needs to be filled out?
 Yes. An application process is necessary to qualify for special services or fare discounts.  Call 740-363-3355 to arrange an appointment with an eligibility administrator.
Does DATA go to the Columbus Airport?
 No. However, COTA does go to the airport and DATA can be used to access COTA at the Crosswoods Park-N-Ride. DATA and COTA have an agreement to accept each others transfers so transferring to COTA does not cost any additional fare.
Why do I have to schedule my ride in advance?
 It is not necessary to schedule all rides in advance. If you use any of DATA’s fixed routes, you only need to be at the indicated stop at the indicated time. Demand response service however does require advance scheduling. This allows us time to properly schedule available vehicles to be at the right place at the right time.
Who do I contact if I have a complaint?
 All vehicles have complaint forms available. Ask the driver if you do not see them. The complaint process is outlined in the complaint form. All complaints should be addressed to DATA administration, 119 Henderson Ct., Delaware, Ohio 43015
Does DATA take complaints seriously?
 Yes. All written complaints receive a written answer. The administration staff and the transit board use complaints as a means to continually evaluate our service and performance.
My mother is elderly in a wheelchair and occasionally needs my assistance. Do I also have to pay to ride with her to her appointments?
 No. All necessary attendants ride at no charge regardless of the origin or destination points. This means that even if your mother is just going shopping her attendant does not have to pay a fare.  Pre-certification is required
What happens if I schedule a ride and someone else picks me up and I forget to cancel my trip with DATA?
 DATA encourages all riders to cancel previously scheduled trips at least one hour prior to the scheduled pick-up time. DATA understands that situations can sometimes change such as someone else offers you a ride but DATA still has to complete this trip if you don’t call and cancel. This unnecessarily costs you as well as other taxpayers money so DATA has a "No Show " policy that states that DATA will suspend privileges for excessive cancellations or No-Shows.
My child is three years old. Does he need to be in a car seat if we use DATA?

Yes. All children must be in car seats or booster seats according to Ohio Law. DATA does not supply child safety seats. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to supply the child restraint system and secure the child in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.



*Proof of Age or Disability required for discounted fare. 

Call 740-513-2207 M-F 9am-4pm for certification.



   Fixed Route Cash Fares                     Demand Response Fares


Age 0 to 4              Free                       0 to 5 Miles     =   $11.00

        w/ paying adult – Limit 2                          5+ to 10 Miles  =   $25.00

Age 0 to 18            $0.50                   10+ to 15 Miles =  $39.00

Age 19 to 64          $1.00                   15+ to 20 Miles = $53.00

Age 65 and Up      $0.50*                   20+ to 25 Miles = $67.00

Individual with

Disability or Medicare Card Holders            $0.50*





The Delaware County Transit Board is a seven member board created by the Delaware County Commissioners as outlined in Ohio Revised Code (ORC) Section 306.01 and 306.02. Board members are appointed by the Delaware County Commissioners as seats become vacant. According to the ORC, the board may not have more than four members of the same political party. Board members typically serve three year terms for a maximum of two continuous terms.

The board is responsible for providing direction, governing the transit system through the development of policies for the system's operations, and advancing the transit system's support in the community. The board meets at least once a month as required by the ORC. The regular meetings of the board are typically held on the third Friday of each month at 7:00 AM at a pre-determined convenient location. All board meetings are open to the public as are the minutes of meetings and other records of the board.

The current board membership is:



The Delaware Area Transit Agency is funded in part by the following organizations and agencies.

Federal Transit Administration
Ohio Department of Transportation
Delaware County
Delaware County Dept. of Job & Family Services

Other Community Links

Central Ohio Transit Authority
MidOhio Regional Planning Commission
Ohio Public Transit Association
American Public Transportation Association




If the F.A.Q. did not provide the answers you need or if you have additional comments, please email Ginny Berry at ginnyberry@ridedata.com





Scheduling & Reservation 
      Main Line                                                                                                                          (740)363-3355
        Toll Free                                                                                                           1-877-363-DATA (3282)  
        TTY/Ohio Relay Number                                                                                     771 or 1-888-750-0750
      Operations Fax                                                                                                                  (740)362-7603
      Administration Fax                                                                                                            (740)513-2213
         Crystal James, Operations Director                                                                       (740)368-9383 Opt 4 
         Marcie Merriman, Road Supervisor                                                                                (740)368-9033 
       Ginny Berry, Marketing and Community Relations                                           (740)368-9383 Opt 1
      Tina Smith, HR and Finance                                                                                  (740)368-9383 Opt 3
      Grant Bias, Safety, Security, Compliance and Training Officer                          (740)368-9383 Opt 2
      Tonya Layman, Mobility Manager                                                                          (740)513-2207
       Ed Pierson, Facility, Assets and Technology Manager                                       (740)368-9383 Opt 5
                            Denny Schooley, Executive Director                                                                     (740)368-9383 Opt 6                                                                              
  DATA Address
   Delaware Area Transit Agency
        119 Henderson Ct.
        Delaware, Ohio 4015